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The digitization and the Internet of Things are the future!
IoT connctd breaks through technological limitations and enables the interaction of any Internet-connected devices, systems and Internet based services.

With a B2B offer, we support service providers, manufacturers and developers to establish their own data-based products and services.  For that reason, we develop and operate a universal, open and interoperable IoT platform for a semantic representation of all things.

For a secure and interoperable Internet of Things and for a general understanding of these things and their context, we are engaged in various international consortia and associations.





Für Unternehmen

For Companies

In product or service oriented projects with agile development methods, our customers achieve first successes very fast.

We support product and solution providers to improve their product and service offerings. We offer interoperability across all standards, so that any connected hardware could be used on a modular principle. In addition, different user and role concepts can be set, as well as units, groups and rules.


We support services in a wide area of activities:


We support our partners project-based…

… on their way to use the Internet of things for their future products / services, or to re-design their processes using the advantages of digitalization. With a clear and focused problem description at the beginning, the new “use cases” could be implemented in iterative steps, including customers feedback and it’s free from technical and technological questions. We focus on methods such as design / product thinking or rapid prototyping.




The IoT platform includes all necessary features for new products and services:




to create structures, such as Homes, Buildings, Streets, Vehicles, Plants or even Infrastructures, and its sub-structures to represent things.







for the semantic representation of things – independent of various physical protocols and interfaces. Hereby individual devices, entire systems (e.g. gateways including sensors / actuators with / without their own backend) or  Web-services are described by components, capabilities, properties and actions. They are flexible allocated to one or more units. Developers can get access to these things via the SDK/API.





for different typses of users with diverse permissons, roles and profiles to support individual access to Units and Things.





… and what happens to the data?

In our cloud-based IoT platform, we do not store event data permanently. Our partners are free to develop suitable models for their customers. Service providers or manufacturers can implement different offers for their customers. From Open Data to local or decentralized data…


mit developern@2x

For Developer

For your own use of our IoT platform, for developers or for those who would like to integrate their technologies and services, … of course, we also support this.

We provide all available functions of a device in an intelligible form via our API. Further information click for docs or a tutorial.

Thus, a socket remains a socket, no matter whether it still has an LED ring or additionally measures the power consumption.


How big the mess is without a universal Thing Abstraction, we have had learned in recent years. With a clear semantic for devices, systems and web-based services, rapid application development finally becomes reality.


Semantic descriptions are not static. It’s a dynamic description of a variety of properties (properties, actions, event types) that can be creatred by a few basic building blocks. This allows developers to understand technologies easily and to make use of context information.


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Sign up now on our developer site and realize your first use case by using the connctd API. The non-commercial use for Web Developer is free.

We are hiring – UI & UX Designers – Software Engineers – Interns.




Für alle


















For All of Us


Digital Life is more than an app on a smartphone or tablet.

So far, as incomprehensible technology – from experts for experts.

We are changing that in a fundamental way and many activities in different sectors show that we are on the right track.

We are happy to share our understanding and knowledge, our experience and our ideas about business models, services and technology in different places




Want to contribute, give comments and feedback, or add your story.

We are just around the corner.

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