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Newsletter #4, Nov. 5th, Latest News on IoT


connctd has the technology to make Europe the Digital Champion
We were excited to read the recent report from the leading telecoms trade organization in Europe, ETNO, together with Accenture. In „Lead or Lose“ they describe the foundational capabilities for Europe to lead on digitization and we couldn’t have described better what connctd is about as is laid out in the chapter on the open Platform for IoE (Internet of Everything) and we are quite sure that this is what our founder and the author of this report Boris Maurer thought about – even if he changed sides and is now responsible for Digital Transformation at Accenture in Europe.
For us, this is the encouragement to continue our path and hope that you will think exactly about us whenever you are about to solve any IoT problem – you won’t find a better platform to solve the problem as you can find with us at connctd.

When institutions and companies make choices on their platforms, they frequently asked how we position ourselves relative to „Web of Things“ from W3C, tmForum or the reference architecture of the „Industrial Data Space“ (IDS) – the leading industry consortium around Industrie 4.0 in Germany. Our answer is simple and clear: we are fully compatible to all these initiatives and build on the same ideas and definitions. That is also why connctd is W3C and tmForum member and why we are actively engaged to promote open platform approaches around IoT in most leading initiatives and industry fora of our target industries. We do that, so make you feel save in your decision for us – there is no reason to worry that you may have taken the wrong decision into the future, as we are eco-system driven and open to all existing and emerging technologies. With connctd you always made a robust platform decision.

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